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Category Archives: usage patterns

Short-run milestone


In a previous blog post more than a year ago, I’d put out a list of possible success measures to indicate that the subject wikis have arrived. One of these success measures was first achieved for Groupprops about two months ago: “a single day with more than 1000 pageviews for a subject wiki.” In fact, […]

Groupprops usage patterns update


I had started working on a report on usage pattern analytics for Groupprops, but for various reasons, will not have the time to complete the report in the near future. Also, I would like to subject some of the findings in my preliminary number-crunching to the test of more data — particularly data spanning across […]

Top hundred cities for Groupprops


It’s both interesting and inspiring to know that content in Groupprops is being used (and hopefully liked) by people in many different regions of the world. Of course, both the choice of subject matter (i.e., group theory) and the choice of language medium (English, with a bias towards American spelling) limit the usefulness of the […]

Usage analysis on Groupprops


The Group Properties Wiki has been at its new location since around May 2008, and Google Analytics has been operational on it since May 10. Using Google Analytics, I’ve been able to get a fairly good idea of what pages people prefer when they visit Groupprops, how they use the website, and how to make […]

How do we use online references?


In a blog post elsewhere, I gave my take on the use of online references for mathematics. Three of the most used general websites for English-language mathematics reference are Wikipedia, Planetmath, and Mathworld. In the blog post, I described how I came to discover these individual resources, and how I have come to use Wikipedia […]