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Top hundred cities for Groupprops

It’s both interesting and inspiring to know that content in Groupprops is being used (and hopefully liked) by people in many different regions of the world. Of course, both the choice of subject matter (i.e., group theory) and the choice of language medium (English, with a bias towards American spelling) limit the usefulness of the material to most people.

Here is a PDF file with a break-up of views over the past fourteen months for the top hundred cities. A few comments are in order:

  • A sequence of pages viewed in one shot is treated as one visit. This is what the number of “visits” counts. A “large depth visit” is a visit with five or more pageviews.
  • The top rank of Chicago is probably explained by the fact that I use the wiki from Chicago, significantly affecting the number of edits. I have not accessed the wiki from any other city (save a couple of times from Bangalore) so all other cities reflect genuine numbers.
  • Keep in mind that this is an English-language wiki, so viewership is biased towards countries where university-level mathematics is done in English. This explains to a large extent the dominance of the United Kingdom as opposed to France, Germany, Russia and other European countries. It might also explain the relatively lower numbers from cities in China and Iran compared to their higher education population.
  • The position of Indian cities may have also been inflated by the fact that many people in India have heard of the wiki directly or indirectly from me.
  • Within each country, we see that cities with more higher education universities do better. Hence, the good performance of Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom. Similarly, the good performance of Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore (which have the bulk of the top-quality math higher education and research) in India. In the United States, we see that, in addition to usual suspects like Chicago and New York, cities such as Ithaca (home to Cornell University) have done well.