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Monthly Archives: January 2009

How do we use online references?


In a blog post elsewhere, I gave my take on the use of online references for mathematics. Three of the most used general websites for English-language mathematics reference are Wikipedia, Planetmath, and Mathworld. In the blog post, I described how I came to discover these individual resources, and how I have come to use Wikipedia […]

Beginning of the subject wikis blog


This is a welcome post to the subject wikis blog.

The broad idea behind subject wikis is as follows: separate wikis on individual subjects/topics, with a reference guide that points to entries in each of them. The rationale behind having different wikis for each subject is that the individual wikis can be organized based on paradigms that are best suited for that subject.

So far, the subject wikis have been largely my work, but others have contributed useful content as well as insights to some of the wikis, particularly the one on group theory. For the subject wikis project to grow more will require participation, involvement, and feedback from more people. I hope that this blog will attract comments and feedback from readers, including those who may not want to get actively involved.

In the coming blog posts, I will post specific ideas on subject wikis, how to make them more useful to readers and viewers. Comments on these specific ideas, as well as others, are most welcome.