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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Short survey added


I’ve created a short survey on Groupprops. A link to the survey comes up randomly in the sitenotice on Groupprops, so I’m hoping that people who visit the site will click on the link and fill the survey. This is a very preliminary survey, and is my first experience with surveys, so I’ll use this […]

Usage analysis on Groupprops


The Group Properties Wiki has been at its new location since around May 2008, and Google Analytics has been operational on it since May 10. Using Google Analytics, I’ve been able to get a fairly good idea of what pages people prefer when they visit Groupprops, how they use the website, and how to make […]

The goal of subject wikis


Having described the history of subject wikis in a previous post, I can now get to describing what I consider the ultimate goal, mission, and vision, of subject wikis. This is emphatically not my first attempt at formulating a general goal for subject wikis. In March 2008, shortly before I booked the domain and […]

The history of subject wikis


Subject wikis began some time around December 2006. I thought of starting a wiki on the extensible automorphisms problem, a question I had raised in group theory. A month ago, my college had used a wiki page on to coordinate a multi-threaded discussion on concerns about the college moving: the page is still there. […]